Our vision of the “creation of value” is based on an increase of equity capital, but also on the strengthening of the Group’s structures to make it less exposed to the inevitable difficulties in our sector of activity. It is therefore vital to have sufficient size and financial means to seize opportunities as they arise.

For a group of our size, the opportunities for growth in wealth management are necessarily linked to individuals. To carry out our strategy, therefore, we must enlarge our current group of shareholders. We are prepared to implement this enlargement, but only with due respect for the above-stated objectives. The strategy thus consists of seeking the acquisition of small banks or of new assets under management and, where appropriate, opening the hard core shareholders group to key persons of the operations under consideration.
The results we seek are the creation of value and the capacity to generate the best return on equity capital invested, with the lowest possible risk. NIH will apply this strategy with prudence, perseverance and rigour, in order to safeguard the existing assets.