Our Group was founded in 1871, initially as an industrial enterprise in the construction sector. Many years later, in 1944, the Company adopted the corporate name NORBA and moved into the real estate sector through a sister company, IMMOPART FINANCEMENT S.A.

In 1984 the Company was formed in Geneva with a legal entity which, following the transfer of industrial activities, adopted today’s corporate name, NORINVEST HOLDING SA (NIH).
It was not until the end of the 80s, however, with the founding of NORFINANCE, that we created the epicentre of the Group’s financial services. At the beginning of the 90s, together with institutional investors, the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, the Banque d’Investissements Privées and, subsequently, the Banque Union de Crédit of the FIAT group, NORFINANCE was structured with a presence in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Ticino and Zurich. The Group now offers a large palette of services for organising the capital of individuals and, especially, for wealth management. The merger in June 2002 with Cramer & Cie (LBVM) enabled the NIH Group to strengthen its resources in the financial services sector. In 2003 Cramer & Cie SA very quickly obtained its banking license and, after a major increase in capital, changed its corporate name to BANQUE CRAMER & CIE SA. Today, NIH holds 100% of BANQUE CRAMER & CIE SA (BCC).
At the end of 2007, NIH acquired 100% of the capital of LAG FINANCES SA and, in the process, control of GOLAY BUCHEL HOLDING SA, with 64.8% of the voting rights. The Group Golay has been then active worldwide for over a century in the realm of pearls, precious stones and jewellery.
NIH will then gradually fully take over the Group Golay, which will be progressively liquidated. The liquidation proceeds have been allocated to the further development of the Group’s financial activities.